Early Modern Southeast Asia, 1350-1800

50341389Tác giả: Hoàng Anh Tuấn, Ooi Keat Gin

NXB: Routledge, 10/2015

This book presents extensive new research findings on and new thinking about Southeast Asia in this interesting, richly diverse, but much understudied period. It examines the wide and well-developed trading networks, explores the different kinds of regimes and the nature of power and security, considers urban growth, international relations and the beginnings of European involvement with the region, and discusses religious factors, in particular the spread and impact of Christianity. One key theme of the book is the consideration of how well-developed Southeast Asia was before the onset of European involvement, and, how, during the peak of the commercial boom in the 1500s and 1600s, many polities in Southeast Asia were not far behind Europe in terms of socio-economic progress and attainments.



Part 1: Diplomatic and Inter-State Relations

1. Status and Security in Early Southeast Asian State Systems

2. Alexandrowicz Re-visited: Strange Legal Parallels in the Indian Ocean and Western European World Systems, 1500-1800

3. The Phrakhlang Ministry of Ayutthaya: Siamese Instrument to Cope with the Early Modern

Part 2: Interactions and Transactions

4. Applying the Seas Perspective in the Study of Eastern Indonesia in the Early Modern Period

5. Borneo in the Early Modern Period Late Fourteenth to Late Seventeenth Centuries

6. Another Past: Early Modern Vietnamese Silk Production and Export in Global Perspective

7. Vân Đồn: The Making of an International Trading Port in Pre-Modern Vietnam 8. Batu Sawar, Johor: A Centre of Regional Trade in the Early Seventeenth Century

9. Urban Growth and Municipal Development of Early Penang

Part 3: Kingship and State Systems

10. Revisiting “Kingship” in Early Modern Southeast Asia: Men of Prowess and Women of Piety in Seventeenth Century Aceh

11. Catching and Selling Siamese Elephants in the Seventeenth Century: A Preliminary Study

12. Cham-Viet Relationship in Binh Thuan under Nguyen Rule from the Late Seventeenth Century to Mid-eighteenth Century

Part 4: Indigenizing Christianity and Islam

13. The Glocalization of Christianity in Early Modern Southeast Asia

14. The Passing of Rice Spirits: Cosmology, Technology, and Gender Relations in Colonial Philippines



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