Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Manuscript Submission Format: Manuscripts submitted to JOSSH have not been published in any other publications. All texts must be formatted in Times New Roman, 13-point font size. JOSSH Articles may not exceed 8.000 words in length including text, references, and footnotes (excluding tables and figures). JOSSH book reviews should not exceed 1.000 words.

Submission Requirements: Manuscripts are submitted to VNU Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (JOSSH) by email or by person.

Authors will need to attach the following separate files/items with the email sent to JOSSH:

1. Cover Letter.

2. Title Page. Please include the following: Full article title; Acknowledgments and credits; Each author’s complete name and institutional affiliation(s); Grant numbers and/or funding information; Corresponding author (name,  address, phone/fax, e-mail)

3. Blinded Manuscript. Blinded manuscripts do not include the title page or any self-identifying information. Delete or rewrite any text that identifies you as the author: when citing your own work, please write “Minh (1992) concluded...,” but do not write “I concluded (Minh 1992)....”.


NOTE: Additional details on preparing manuscripts for JOSSH are published in the ASA Style Guide (4th ed., 2010) available from the American Sociological Association. 



Sections in a manuscript may include the following: (1) Abstract, (2) Text, (3) Notes, (4) References, (5) Tables, (6) Figures, and (7) Appendixes.

1. Abstract. Please include an abstract of 250 words or fewer describing the purpose, methods, and general findings of the study. Please also include four to five key words for the manuscript.

2. Blinded Manuscript (Text).

a. Headings and subheadings. Generally, three heading levels are sufficient to organize the text.

b. Citations in the text. Include page numbers for direct quotes or specific passages. Cite only those works needed to provide evidence for your assertions and to refer to important sources on the topic.

- If the author has a Vietnamese name, use author’s full name. If the author is from other countries, use the last name of the author.

- When author’s name is in the text: follow it with the year in parentheses ... Nguyen Van Kim (2014) or Durkheim (2000). When author’s name is not in the text, enclose the last name and year in parentheses ... (Nguyen Van Kim 2014) or (Durkheim 2000).

- Pages are cited following the year of publication after a colon ... (Nguyen Van Kim and Nguyen Van Dung 2014:39-40).

- Two authors: ... (Martin and Bailey 1988).

- Three or more authors: (Carr et al. 1962).

- Institutional authorship: supply minimal identification from the complete citation... (Vietnam Government 2015:117).

- List a series of citations: in alphabetical order or date order separated by semicolons... (Nguyen Van Khanh 2012; Nguyen Van Kim et al. 2014).

- Use “forthcoming” to cite sources scheduled for publication. For dissertations and unpublished papers, cite the date. If no date, use “n.d.” in place of the date... Smith (forthcoming) and Oropesa (n.d.).

- For machine-readable data files, cite authorship and date ... (Institute for Social Development 2004).

3. Notes. Notes should be numbered in the text consecutively using superscript Arabic numerals. When referring to a note later in the text, use a parenthetical note.

Avoid long notes: consider (a) stating in the text that information is available from the author, (b) depositing the information in a national retrieval center and inserting a short footnote or a citation in the text, or (c) adding an appendix. Each note should not exceed 100 words.

4. References. All references cited in the text must be listed in the reference section, and vice versa. Publication information for each reference must be complete and correct. List the references in alphabetical order. List two or more entries by the same author(s) in order of the year of publication Refer to the ASA Style Guide (4th ed., 2010) for additional examples:

- Book:

Cumming, Elaine and William Earl Henry. 1961. Growing Old: The Process of Disengagement. New York: Basic Books.

- Book chapter:

Gambetta, Diego. 1988. "Mafia: The Price of Distrust." pp. 158-175 in Trust: Making and Breaking Cooperative Relations, edited by D. Gambetta. Oxford: Blackwell.

-  Journal article:

Bryant, John. 2002. "Patrilines, Patriocality and Fertility Decline in Vietnam." Asia-Pacific Population Journal 17: 111-128.

- Conference presentation:

Fukuyama, Francis. 1999. "Social Capital and Civic Society." Presented at the IMF Conference on Second Generation Reforms, International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC.

- Dissertations:

Charles, Maria. 1990. “Occupational Sex Segregation: A Log-Linear Analysis of Patterns in 25 Industrial Countries.” PhD dissertation, Department of Sociology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA.

- Online paper/document:

American Sociological Association. 1997. “Call for Help: Social Science Knowledge on Race, Racism, and Race Relations” (ASA Action Alert, October 15). Washington, DC: American Sociological Association. Retrieved October 15, 1997 (

5. Tables should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they appear in the text.

6. Figures should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they appear in the text and must include figure captions. Preferred programs and formats for figures include the following: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, .wmf, .emf, and .tif (300 dpi).

7. Appendixes should be lettered to distinguish them from numbered tables and figures. Include a descriptive title for each appendix (e.g., “Appendix A. Variable Names and Definitions”).