Social Stratification in Vietnam (Survey through Several Provinces and Cities)

Nguyen Dinh Tan, Hoang Ba Thinh

International Journal of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education

Volume-2 Issue-9, 2015, pp.8-15

Based on survey 1121 people in five provinces in Vietnam, the article analyzes the current situation of social stratification through the economic indicators of living standards, housing conditions and family living facilities. That Research shows that 76% of the average living standard, and 15.8% of affluent living standards. Compared with five years ago, the standard of living of the majority of survey participants increased. While 61.5% of people said that their living standards rise less and 27.4% of people said that life does change; only 4% said their lives diminished. Survey shows that 81.8% of participants with private ownership for existing homes are in, while only 6.2% of those currently renting a house for shelter. Regarding household facilities, 88.8% of families with “refrigerator”, followed by “washing machines” (71.7%); “Air” (53.6), “Mobile” (34.2%); “Tablet” (13.5%) and “cameras, camcorders” (23.4%). Despite the uneven income and the gap in living standards between regions and between peoples, but Vietnam has income distribution in the population at a relatively equal; whether increases are likely moderate levels of inequality.

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