Exploring the experience of children with disabilities at school settings in Vietnam context

Tác giả: Trần Văn Kham Abstract: The initial findings from 230 questionnaires’ survey and 36 interviews, in which informants are CWD, children with non-disabilities (CWND), parents of CWD, and teachers in school settings, are stated as: (a) the general understanding of disability is based on medical model and individual model rather than social model, such[…]

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The East Asia Security Environment in the Beginning of the Twenty-first Century and the Adjustments in Vietnamese Foreign Policy

Abstract International relations are social actions, and their expression is behavior of the states. According to French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, the basis for any social action is habitus and capital (Bourdieu 1982). For Bourdieu, social action is not created in a vacuum but always takes place under certain social conditions. Different social conditions create different[…]